How to Choose Bed Sheets

Bed sheets are an important and potentially expensive purchase. This article will show you how to choose the right bed sheets before you buy.

Choose the right color – make sure the color of the bed sheets go well with the comforter and the bedroom. Keep the following things in mind when choosing a color:

Lighter colored bed sheets will show stains easier than darker colored ones
Darker colored bed sheets will show fading from washing easier than lighter colored ones
If you choose a pattern, make sure you can buy the same pattern in the future if the bed sheets get damaged or need to be replaced
Choose the right size – You will need to know both the bed type (twin, full, queen, king) and the depth of the mattress (measured in inches). On the bed sheet packaging the depth will be listed sometimes as the “pocket”. Choose a pocket size that is closest to the depth of your mattress.

Choose the fabric type – bed sheets come in a variety of fabric types: cotton, polyester, silk, etc. Choose a fabric that appeals to you personally. Visit a bedding store to feel and test the fabrics in person. Keep the following in mind when choosing a fabric for sheets:

Polyester or cotton/poly blends will tend to feel uncomfortable in high humidity.
Rayon sheets will feel cooler to the touch than cotton
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Choose the fabric quality – the most common measure of quality in bed sheets is thread count, which is the number of threads per square inch of fabric. A 300 – 400 thread count or higher is considered good quality. At the upper ends of thread count the difference is not very noticeable (800 thread count and 1000 thread count feel the same). Quality can also come from the specific type of fabric, for example Egyptian cotton sheets are made from thinner and longer cotton fibers. Visit a store in person to experience the feel of different quality bed sheets.

Compare prices online – Once you know the size, type and quality of the bed sheets you want to purchase go online to compare prices. Once you find a low price you can either buy the sheets online or ask a bedding store to match the price.

Post time: Mar-03-2017
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